Watermelon Festival Time

Watermelons are in season and you know what that means… the Watermelon Festival is in town! Yee-haw!

If you are familiar with this event, you know that it is the one time a year you get to devote an entire week to fun, food, and festivities! If you are not familiar with the Watermelon Festival, you should sit down because the excitement and good times can be overwhelming!

2017 marks the 75th Annual Hampton County Watermelon Festival. During this week there are all kinds of events happening, including but not limited to: petting zoos, arts and craft contests, “Taste of Hampton County,” Blue Grass concerts, a street dance, 5K, and my favorite the watermelon eating contest! Free watermelon slices will be given out during certain times of the week and there is even a historic tour of the Old Jail. The week’s dates are  – .

If all this amusement is not enough to get you to come, this year’s theme is “Honoring Our Teachers.” You can take a moment to remember and think back to some of the most influential people in your life while enjoying a cool, refreshing, delicious slice of melon. You can’t lose! Check out the Hampton County website for more information http://www.melonfest.org/ and get down to Hampton today.

Just spit the seeds on the ground… we don’t mind!

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Memorial Day Edisto Beach Retreat – Memorial Day 2017

Your Memorial Day Edisto Beach Retreat is here and is the official start of summer! Where else would I rather be on a long weekend like this, than at the beach? South Carolina has a plethora of beautiful beach locations with many different offerings for whatever your heart desires. One of my favorites is Edisto Beach. I have spent a bit of time every summer of my life so far at this location, and I will continue to return until the tides of my days cease.

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Memorial Marker for the Whippy Swamp Muster Group

This past Wednesday, a gentleman came by our Visitors’ Center at the Frampton Plantation House and the first thing he said when he walked in was “This place sure doesn’t look like it did the last time I was here!” Well, we have added some new gift items and displays, but that wasn’t what he was talking about. Turns out he hadn’t been here in about 60 years. At that time, he said he was working in Mr. Campbell’s field culling watermelons. It is really neat that our director, Jim Wescott, was able to get this wonderful plantation house saved for our Commission to serve as our offices and Visitors’ Center!!!

Anyway, William W. Corbin, Jr, this former farm hand, will be speaking today at the dedication of the Historic Marker for the Whippy Swamp Muster Group. Mr. Corbin is quite the historian and will be speaking about the guard and its part of the Civil War today at 3 pm at the Harmony Presbyterian Church located just outside of Hampton on Hwy 601 North in Crocketville. I’m getting ready to leave right now to be a part of history. Come join me!!!

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