Bluffton’s Shell Art Trail

poster of decorated oyster shells

Giant oyster shells have popped up like daisies throughout historic Bluffton. The Shell Art Trail is a fun public art trail that both entertains and educates.  The cultural exhibit has 21 giant oyster shells placed throughout Bluffton. The shells have been uniquely painted by local artists. While hunting for shells, you will learn interesting oyster facts along the way.

map of shell art trail

The Shell Art Trail

First things first – download and print your Shell Art Trail Passbook. Review the map and plan your route. The passbook includes a map and questions that can be answered by reading the fact plaques located at each sculpture.

picture of information on the back of the shell art trail map

Spend a day roaming around downtown Bluffton in search of these beautiful sculptures, all of which contain interesting facts about oysters. Questions can be found on the back of the shell art passbook. Each can be answered by reading the plaque attached to each shell.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures along the way.
Tag @LowcountryOysterTrail, and use #LowCountryOysterTrail #HEARTofBluffton #SeeShellsinBluffton while completing the trail!

chicken salad blt at the sugarree

After the shell hunt, head into one of the wonderful restaurants for lunch. The Sugaree makes the best chicken salad BLT and bagel chips.

the store in downtown bluffton

After lunch be sure to head into some of the unique shopping opportunities downtown Bluffton has to offer.

downtown bluffton

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Photo credits: Carmen Pinckney and Lowcountry Oyster Trail Facebook page.