Events in Lowcountry

The South is known for celebrating everything. Here in the Lowcountry, we create festivals for foods, history, heritage, culture, arts, animals, seasons, wine and water. Our are events run the gamut from art, to music, to film, to photography,  to athletic events, to educational opportunities, to cook offs, to book signings and virtually everything in between.

We celebrate the Gopher Tortoise, Shrimp, the Edisto River, Beer, the Watermelon, Gullah Heritage, Folk Art, Quilts, Gardens, Plantations, Oysters, Antiques, the Harbor, Wine, the Community, Classic Cars, the Fall, Soft Shell Crab, Chamber Music,  Bar B Q,  and sometimes, we rest.

There are always new experiences to discover ~ new ways to be moved ~ new ways to look at the things we see each day.