Beaufort ~ Battle of Kings Mountain Seminar Part 1 and Part 2 at Santa Elena History Center

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COST: $10.00 for each class or both for $15
Part 1 10:00-11:00
The Battle of Kings Mountain on Oct. 7, 1780 was the “turning of the tide” in the American Revolution, a conflict between Americans —Whig rebels from the backcountry against Loyalists trained as British forces. Major Patrick Ferguson’s arrogant threat stirred the passions of a people determined to live free. Overmountain militiamen marched over the Appalachians to join with men from South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia to help defeat Ferguson’s army atop Little King’s Mountain. Nearly a quarter of the patriots fighting were South Carolinians, who marched as far as anyone else to get to a battle that was in their own backyard. And they suffered, as well, two colonels squabbling about which was actually in command.
Part 2 11:30-12:30
After the battle of Kings Mountain the battle hardened patriots carried their wounded and marched 800 prisoners for three weeks across the North Carolina piedmont, past the ominous Tory Oak, to descend upon the Moravian farmers at Bethabara. For some loyalists, it was a chance to escape. For some patriots, a time for backcountry “justice.” And, for the good souls at Bethabara, it was a test of their endurance and goodwill in facing the demands on their humanitarian generosity.
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