Beaufort ~ Children’s Hour: Antebellum Social at Santa Elena History Center

Event Details

LIVING HISTORY PROGRAM: “ANTEBELLUM BEAUFORT SOCIAL” Enjoy learning with tea time, fan language and dancing. This history based interactive program immerses ladies and gentleman of all ages in what life was like during antebellum times. Learn the dances of the 1800’s, hear the music and songs,see clothing that graced the mansions of Beaufort during the social season when parties and balls followed in quick succession. Children and adults will be challenged by what was expected of them if they lived in past times. Mastering etiquette and manners were required of a young person before they were allowed to participate during the social season. Step back in time and then take what you learn home with you and pass it on.
This is a free event thanks to donations made for children’s programs.
Registration recommended due to limited seating.
Led by: Evelene Stevenson, owner of Spirit of Old Beaufort Tours