Beaufort ~ Septima by Patricia William Dockery

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In partnership with PURE Theatre, LWVCA commissioned a play about the life of civil rights and voting rights activist, teacher, and LWVCA member, Septima Clark. PURE Theatre produced the play, entitled SEPTIMA, which premiered in Charleston, SC on March 9, 2023, and ran through April 1, 2023. The play was written by Dr. Patricia Williams Dockery.

SEPTIMA: It’s the day of Septima Clark’s 125 birthday. As the City of Charleston prepares to celebrate, Septima, with the help of some old friends, reflects not only on her work as a Civil Rights leader and educator, but the moments of her life that shaped her into one of the most important figures in American history, and inspired Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to name her the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.”