Edisto/Beaufort/Hilton Head ~ Salute from the Shore

Event Details

Salute from the Shore! Every year on July 4, hundreds of thousands of people gather on the beaches of South Carolina in patriotic attire to wave the red, white and blue and to demonstrate their gratitude to America’s finest for their bravery and commitment. The focal point of the Salute from the Shore has traditionally been highlighted with a flyover of military aircraft. The flyover will start at 1 p.m. in Myrtle Beach. For a full schedule of flyover times in the Beaufort area, visit salutefromtheshore.org/2017-flyover-schedule. Participants on the beaches are strongly urged to organize patriotic displays in groups, big and small, and to share their tributes online for armed forces around the world to see. Salute from the Shore encourages participants to share their stories about why they love America and those that protect it by posting their own video and images of the event on social networks to be seen by American Armed Forces deployed throughout the world.
Participants can share online at:
• Facebook www.facebook.com/SalutefromtheShore
• Twitter @July4Salute, #SalutefromtheShore
• Instagram @July4salute, #SalutefromtheShore