Hilton Head ~ Hilton Head Symphony: Love In The Time Of War

Event Details

The concert title reflects music composed during war-time at two different periods in history, Griffes’ The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan, composed during the First World War, and Vaughn-Williams’ Symphony No. 5, composed during the Second World War. But the music of both composers reflect love, not war, with Griffes inspired by Coleridge’s famous poem Kubla Khan, describing the beautiful palace of Xanadu, while Vaugh-Williams wrote about the tranquility and serenity of his later life.  A highlight of the evening is the guest soloist, Sterling Elliot, a 17-year old cello prodigy and national competition award-winner who made his solo debut at the age of 7.

Concert tickets are $30, $45, and $55 and available at the Hilton Head Symphony office (843) 842-2055 or log into the orchestra web site at www.hhso.org.