Hilton Head ~ Pollinators Lecture

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Connections in Nature: Pollinators and their Plant Partners

The Coastal Discovery Museum will host Sally Krebs on March 17 at 2 pm for
this program in person and virtual viewing. About 250 – 125 million years
ago, flowering plants first appeared on the earth and started diversifying,
accompanied by an explosion of diversity, among flying insects; flowering
plants began devising ways of enlisting their help in reproduction, including
elaborate markings visible only to insects and sweet rewards to those who
answered the plants’ call. Come explore this delicate and complex
connection between pollinators and their plant partners.
Sally Krebs is the Sustainable Practices Coordinator with the Town of Hilton
Head Island, which includes educating the public on ways to live greener,
more sustainable lives and the benefits of doing so.
Virtual viewing and reservations are
required by calling 843-689-6767 ext. 223. The museum is located at 70
Honey Horn Drive on Hilton Head Island.