Hilton Head ~ Santa Elena and the Pocahontas Connection

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Santa Elena: the Pocahontas Connection
The Coastal Discovery Museum will host Christopher Allen on January 18 at 2 pm for this program.  The presentation is centered upon the Spanish interaction with the American natives who eventually became known as “Thee Powhatan Confederation” more than forty years before the English arrived on the same site.  It will define what and where “Ajacan” was by walking through the story of Paquiquinejo, an Algonquin ruling class member taken to Spain in 1561, his conversion to Catholicism and name change to “Don Luis Valesco”, and subsequent murder of Jesuits within walking distance of where Jamestown would be established.
The program is $7 for in person and $5 for virtual viewing and reservations are required by calling 843-689-6767 ext. 224.  The museum is located at 70 Honey Horn Drive on Hilton Head Island and is open Monday through Saturday 9-4 and Sunday 11-3.