Hilton Head ~ The Art of Flintknapping

Event Details

The Art of Flintknapping- $15 per person (over 14 only)
For 10,000 years Native People in the Americas crafted beautiful tools from obsidian, chert, flint, and other glassy stones by carefully removing stone flakes from a chunk of rock.  You will learn the techniques behind making these tools and how to identify chipped stone tools found in this area.  You will leave the program with your own chipped stone tool and a lot of appreciation for how difficult it is to craft a thin and symmetrical arrowhead or spear point. 
This program requires some hand and arm strength, but the ability to make a tool is more related to proper technique than brute strength.  You will be making a spear point using obsidian (volcanic glass) by knocking flakes off with stone and antler hammers.  Although gloves and eye protection will be provided, this is an activity that, by its very nature, may result in cuts or other injuries and is not appropriate for children under 14. All materials are provided.