Okatie ~ Festivus Games: Feats of Strength For the Rest of Us

Event Details

CrossFit Port Royal Sound is excited to announce that we will be hosting Festivus Games on October 14th, 2017!!! This will sell out fast! DO NOT miss out!
Novice, Intermediate, and 45+ Masters Athletes, 2-Person Same-Sex TEAMS!
This one isn’t for RX athletes or firebreathers. Although, we do need you for judging/staffing the event!
The next 11 teams to sign up save $20 off registration and both athletes get a free shirt!
Check out the WODs here: festivusgames.com/divisions/
Then, find your partner and click here to register now—>festivusgames.com/register/21339/
Novice, Intermediate and Masters 45+ -No RX athletes. NO FIREBREATHERS! FESTIVUS= Feats of Strength for the Rest of Us!