Port Royal ~ Moonlight & Magnolias

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This event finished on 16 October 2020

Moonlight & Magnolias

Dateline: Hollywood, 1939. Semi-independent mogul David O. Selznick has just shut down production on the most eagerly anticipated movie in history  his mega budget version of Margaret Mitchells bestselling novel Gone With The Wind, scrapping the original script and sacking the director in the progress. Determined to produce a rewrite in five days, he engages the reluctant services of ace script doctor Ben Hecht, possibly the only person in America who has not read the novel, and the movies new director Victor Fleming, poached straight from the set of The Wizard of Oz, where he had been squabbling with the Munchkins and coming to blows with Judy Garland.
Hilarity ensues as his reputation on the line, and with nothing but a stockpile of peanuts and bananas to sustain them, Selznick locks himself in his office with his two collaborators, and a marathon creative session begins.
This is a Coastal Stage Production.