Ridgeland ~ Animal Adaptations Camp

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Animal Adaptations: Focus on Bird Beaks Camp

Looking for worthwhile activity for your child this summer? Come to the Morris Center for a free one-day camp to learn about animal adaptations!
What are animal adaptions? Animal adaptions are any body shape, process, or behavior that allows an organism to survive in its environment. Animals, such as birds, change over time to fit the needs of their environment. Why do birds have different shaped beaks? How does a bird’s food source influence the shape bird’s beak?  Do different shapes of beaks allow easier access to various food supplies?  How does natural selection and environment change how birds look and adapt?  Come Join Lila Arnold at the Morris Center to get the answer to these and other questions about birds.
Admission to the event is free; however, advanced registration is requested due to limited space. To register call the center at 843-284-9227.