Ridgeland ~ Bully Defense Workshop

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Bully Defense Workshop

Chief instructor Lindy Woods will present our first Bully Defense Workshop – For ages 6 and up. (max 25 people). Hyper 1-Million & Bully Defense movement is a youth program created to reach and inspire over one million children every year. Their mission is to help end bullying in each person’s life, family, and community. Participants will have fun while learning physical skills to build their confidence, along with strategies to deal with bullies and protect themselves and their friends.  Together, we can build a community of youth and families who are educated, empathetic, and motivated to end bullying in their lives – a team who will stand up for themselves, their families, and what they believe in.
Admission to the event is free; however, advanced registration is requested due to limited space. To register call the center at 843-284-9227.