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Civil War Diaries: Nurse, Spies and Soldiers of the Civil War
The war offered new vocations for women as: nurse, spies, and soldiers. At the time of the Civil War, nursing had always been thought to be a man’s job – far too stressful for the “delicate nature of females”. This attitude persisted throughout the war – despite the fact that conditions demanded that women enter the war to help care for the unbelievable number of casualties. By the end of the war, more than 3,000 women served are nurses. Female spies – some infamous, some relatively unknown are detailed, as well as their fellow soldiers who fought alongside husbands and/or brothers in battles throughout the war. The compelling story of a seriously wounded 33 year old Confederate General with “body enough to hold his soul” is highlighted. Join us for a free talk from Sandra Ottley about these brave individuals.