Ridgeland ~ The Indigo Girl

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Join us for Book Club at the Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage. This Fall, we are reading and discussing Natasha Boyd’s The Indigo Girl.
About the Book
“The Indigo Girl” breathes new life into an absorbing true account of one of South Carolina’s preeminent historical figures. Eliza Lucas Pinckney’s empowering story of persistence and autonomy in defiance of societal and familial expectations makes for imperative reading at a time when disenfranchised voices are powerfully coming to the fore, invigorating new dialogues about the future of our democracy and unwilling to be silenced. We owe much to Natasha Boyd for this welcome opportunity to hear from Eliza once more.” ~ Jonathan Haupt, Executive Director of The Pat Conroy Literary Center (writing for the Post & Courier, Charleston March 2018)