Virtual ~ Historic Rice Fields Lecture

Event Details

“The Convergence of Historic Rice Fields into Cornerstones for Modern Day Conservation in the Lowcountry”
The Coastal Discovery Museum will host Dr. Ernie Wiggers for this virtual presentation on April 5, 2021 at 2 pm.  Rice farming which dates back more than 300 years left a man-made footprint on the marshes and wetlands of coastal South Carolina.  Remarkably, the infrastructure of this long ago agricultural system has been sustained overtime and used today for wildlife conservation purposes.  Much of the technology used during the rice growing era to manipulate water management is still used today to create habitats for a diverse suite of migratory birds. These historic rice fields were critical in the recovery of the Bald Eagle and American Alligator in our state and responsible for a new suite of bird species that have found Lowcountry marshes.  
Dr. Wiggers and his staff have been helping lead research projects with various agencies and universities to learn more about our wildlife and the rich natural resources we enjoy.  He will talk about how historic rise fields are used today in wildlife conservation and bring everyone up to date on the activities of the Nemours Wildlife Foundation which he directs.
The cost for this virtual program is $5 and reservations are required by calling the Coastal Discovery Museum at 843-689-6767 ext. 223.