Virtual ~ Migrating Birds Talk

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The Nutritional Value of Native vs Non-native Berries for Migrating Birds

The Coastal Discovery Museum will welcome Bob Speare for this program on February 8 at 2 pm.  Speare has been a professional naturalist and environmental educator for over 30 years and has led birding and photography trips throughout the US and abroad.  We all know that species that did not evolve locally threaten our ecosystems and the species that inhabit them.  For a variety of reasons many non-native plants (and animals) have an advantage over native species in their ability to exploit resources such as food, water and light, while being less affected by disease, predation, drought, and other factors that keep our native species in balance.  A couple of studies that compared the nutritional value of native berry-producing shrubs to some of the common non-native species used by migrating birds will be presented.
This is a virtual program and is $5 per virtual view.  Reservations are  required and may be made by calling 843-689-6767 ext. 223.  The museum is located at 70 Honey Horn Drive on Hilton Head Island.