Virtual ~ The Underground Railroad with Ron Roth

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Brought to you by the Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage, this edition of Virtually Speaking, Ron Roth presents The Underground Railroad and the African American Quest for Freedom. It describes the heroic efforts of African Americans and whites to hide and guide runaway slaves in their desperate journeys to freedom in the north and in Canada.  Join us on Facebook for a live watch party and a chance to ask questions.
Highlights of the presentation include the stories of escaping runaway slaves and their encounters with slave catchers and kidnappers; the courageous work of railroad “conductors” like Harriet Tubman; the role of plantation slavery, African American churches and slave revolts in generating the growth of the Underground Railroad. Ron Roth is former director and CEO of the Reading Public Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania, and director of the Nebraska Museum of Art of the University of Nebraska.  As an independent curator and consultant he researched and wrote the script for the permanent exhibition of the Central Pennsylvania African American Museum and its exhibit on the Underground Railroad.