Walterboro ~ Pirates Coming to the Museum

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Pirates Coming to the Museum

Meet a real pirate and their talking parrot all while learning about the history of pirates here in South Carolina. In June of 1718, the infamous Blackbeard, working in partnership with Stede Bonnet, The Gentleman Pirate, blockaded Charleston’s harbor, stole goods, and held hostages. In the months that followed, others repeated similar acts of piracy. Bouts with these sailing thieves ultimately led to a 1719 petition requesting that South Carolina transition from a proprietary territory to an official royal colony of Great Britain. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the early 18th-century Lowcountry while learning stories of its piratical past.

After the lecture children will sign  pirate articles to join the crew. Next, we practice sword drills, so the crew is ready for the adventure. Each child receives a sword to keep as a souvenir. Don’t worry, Mom & Dad… the swords are foam rubber!
We then set out on our treasure hunt, exploring the pirate history of White Point Gardens and Charleston Harbor.
Children also get to make their own pirate flags. The tour ends when we find the treasure chest and divvy up the plunder. Aye! The kids get more souvenirs from the treasure chest! Geared for children under 8 years old.
Free event but please pre-register with the Museum. Call 843.549.2303