Fripp Island Resort

A Dog-Friendly Week Paradise!

Fripp Island beach
Photo by Carmen Pinckney.

If you are looking for a dog-friendly beach adventure that aims to please, look to Fripp Island. This easternmost barrier island in South Carolina is located at the end of Highway 21 in Beaufort County. Just a stone’s throw from Hunting Island State Park, Fripp provides private island vacationing (and living) at its finest. Amenities abound and nature delights. If your furry friend is a part of your vacation plans, this is the destination for you.

Fripp Island is dog friendly
Photo by Carmen Pinckney.

Vacation rentals range from tennis villas and golf cottages to beachfront homes. My party included two and a dog, so the tennis villas were perfect for us. Positioned between the canal and the courts, with the Beach Club across the street, everything we needed was in sight.

Photo by Carmen Pinckney.

The best way to move around Fripp is by golf cart. Check when picking a rental to see if you have a golf cart and amenities cards included. If not, you can rent one at Island Excursions (located at the marina). Bikes and scooters are also available. Most beach access points have golf cart parking. You simply load your beach supplies and cooler onto your cart and head out for a day on the ocean.

Unpack, pick up your golf cart and head to the beach. If taking your dog, you might want to start off at a more isolated beach. Follow Tarpon Blvd (the main road) to the end to find the perfect spot to introduce your furry friend to the ocean. This beach overlooks Pritchard’s Island which is only accessible by boat. Kayak trips across are a fun way to explore this island. Keep in mind, the sand gets very hot, so limit dog access to the beach to morning and evening excursions.

Photo by Carmen Pinckney.

Another thing to consider is introducing your dog to the presence of deer. They are everywhere! They roam the island freely and have grown accustomed to visitors. Keep in mind, they are wild animals and should not be fed or bothered. To round out the end of the day, have a drink and enjoy the music at the Sandbar (located at the Beach Club).

Fripp Island food
Photo by Carmen Pinckney.

If your trip includes amenities cards, you can enjoy the restaurants and pools at the Marina, Beach Club and Cabana Club. The restaurant at the Cabana Club offers great fish tacos and pina coladas. The Bonito Boathouse is a great choice for dinner.  The staff is pleasant, the views are breath-taking, and the food is very tasty.

Resort amenities offer a an unmatched variety of sports and leisure activities on Fripp. Amenities include: activity center and programs, pools, racquet club, dining & restaurants, shopping, island excursions, marina and Camp Fripp. For the golfers, you have two spectacular courses to chose from. There are also fun things to do in the Beaufort area. Visit Fripp Island Golf and Beach Resort’s Ultimate List of Things to Do for more ideas.

Fripp Island
Photo by Carmen Pinckney.

Fripp features 3.5 miles of spectacular, uncrowded white sandy beaches flanked by towering Palmetto trees, just waiting for you to enjoy. Check out the FRIPP ISLAND MAP to find great access points to the beautiful beach. All beach access points are numbered, so if you plan on an evening stroll on the beach, pay attention to your access point number so you can find your way back at the end of the walk.

Fripp Island Audubon Trail
Photo by Carmen Pinckney.

The island is covered in miles of walking trails along the roadways and through the forest and marsh.  Designated as a wildlife sanctuary, Fripp hosts many species of birds, along with wildlife including deer, turtles, alligators and raccoons. There is an Audubon Trail located on Porpoise Drive. The trail goes through the maritime forest and ends at the marsh of the Fripp Inlet. Educational signs and benches are placed along the trail.

For a relaxing and fun beach week, consider planning a trip to Fripp Island. For more information click on the following websites: FRIPPISLANDRESORT.COM or FRIPPISLANDLIVING.COM.

Photo by Carmen Pinckney.

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