Herd It Here Farm

It all started with a mini horse named Tilly! Then along came Eddie the mini donkey, Cherokee the rescue horse, chickens, goats, and alpacas!

Herd it Here Farm is located in Cottageville, just off Highway 17A. It is a one-of-a-kind educational farm experience. Owners Bill and Sheryl Power established this farm to share their extensive knowledge and love of animals. Visitors get up close and personal as they learn about the unique traits and offerings of each of the farm animals. Activities, workshops, classes, and goat yoga are also in the works.

The tour starts at the barn where Tilly, the mini horse is introduced. She looks like she trotted out of the pages of a fairy tale. She was a birthday present for Sheryl while the couple were living in Pennsylvania. Eddie the mini donkey came along next when he was just a baby. He and Tilly are excellent pasture mates. These two share space with a horse named Cherokee that was found in Louisiana.

The alpacas are just next door on the other side of the barn. Alpacas are raised for their soft, luxurious fleece. They are related to camels and llamas, but they are much smaller. The Herd It Here Farm alpacas are very curious and friendly. They also enjoy a good sprinkle from the water hose on a hot day.

Alpacas are quiet, docile animals. They are safe and pleasant to be around. They each have a very distinct personality. Pearl is very patient and loved being a part of the educational process. Dennis the baby is curious and spunky. He likes to stay close to his mom Lucy. She’s a little shy but likes to pay attention to what’s going on. Valerie is new to the farm but likes to stay close to Pearl. The farm also has two other alpacas, Vickie and Gidget. They were off the property for the day.

Our next stop was to the chicken coop. Fancy chickens roam in their protected space. Silkie chickens have fluffy plumage that is incredibly soft to the touch. They also have five toes, where most other chickens have only four. This breed is very gentle.  Cochins are friendly birds with lots of fluff and feathers. Polish chickens have a great crest of feathers that covers almost the entire head. Houdan chickens have a very distinct poofy crown of feathers. 

The goats are the next stop after a visit with the feathered friends. Pigmy and fainting goats romp and play together in their pen. The pigmy goats ate a snack fed by Bill while we learn about and feed the fainting goats. They don’t actually faint. They have a characteristic that makes them freeze and tumble over when they get scared. Daryl the black and white fainting goat loves to eat treats and give kisses. Chuck the brown fainting goat is a little shy but will hand feed. Molly is almost solid black. She has mesmerizing blue eyes.

The tour ends at the Country Store where alpaca fleece items are on sale. Goats milk lotion and soaps from a neighboring farm are also available, as well as sweetgrass baskets and other goodies. Picnic tables with umbrellas are available for those that bring lunch.

The farm is currently open for tours on Saturdays and select weekdays by appointment only.  Visit the Herd It Here website to schedule a tour or activity. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet all the animals up close and personally, and really learn about them. Tours must be pre-booked and are available at either 10 am, 11:30 am or 1:30 pm.

Herd it Here Farm
541 Sullivan’s Ferry Road
Cottageville, SC

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