Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is famous for its twelve-mile stretch of glistening sands. However, a visit here is much more than a day at the beach. There’s golf – perhaps more quality courses and programs than anywhere else on earth, including, of course, the RBC Heritage of Golf, one of the top events on the PGA Tour. And don’t forget tennis.

Then there’s fishing, biking, boating, rollerblading, horseback riding, nature watching,  and a wealth of cultural and artistic activities to explore.

History and nature are inextricably mixed on Hilton Head Island. The first islanders were Indians who lived here as early as 4000 B.C., supported by the rich bounty of earth and sea. In 1663, the fertile land of the New World drew English sea captain William Hilton to explore the Island on behalf of a syndicate of Barbadian planters. His report was enthusiastic, and in honor of his pioneering explorations, the Island was christened Hilton’s Head – a reference to the headlands that marked the way into Port Royal Sound. However, it was not until the threat of the Spaniards to the south and the Indians to the west was quelled in the closing years of the 17th century, that English colonists would settle permanently in the area.

As the 18th century dawned, the Island prospered with large indigo and rice plantations. Sea island cotton made the planters wealthy beyond their dreams. By the mid-1800s, at the height of the plantation era, more than a dozen large land-owning families divided the Island’s riches among themselves.

The onset of the Civil War brought an abrupt end to the cotton dynasties. The fine homes and fertile fields of the planters were destroyed by occupying Union troops after what would prove to be the largest naval engagement of the entire war: the Battle of Port Royal. A freedman’s village, Mitchelville, sprang up briefly, but its life was short, and when the Union troops left, the Island returned to a long period of bucolic quiet, with those who remained making a modest living farming, fishing and oystering.

Hilton Head Island has something for everyone: golf, tennis, beaches, watersports, cultural events, shopping, fine dining, and sophisticated resorts. In many ways, it’s the perfect vacation destination. It’s easy to see how a family whose interests vary widely can be accommodated in one vacation to South Carolina’s Lowcountry.

The Island will please beach lovers, with its 12 miles of sandy coastline, perfect for sunbathing, jogging, and bike riding. It’s a sport enthusiast’s dream with its world-renowned golf courses and tennis courts, not to mention nature walks, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, and miles of bike paths for rollerblading, strolling or biking. Those who enjoy fine dining, shopping at outlet malls and antique stores will find more than enough to entertain themselves.

Highly developed, yet in harmony with nature, Hilton Head has no billboards, neon signs, roller coasters or skyscrapers. In fact, no building can be higher than the trees. Signage ordinances keep signs low key and unobtrusive. Only 40,000 permanent residents live on the island, along with wildlife such as deer, osprey, pelicans, alligators, herons, and near-shore dolphins.

Be sure to visit the Coastal Discovery Museum located at Honey Horn Plantation. The museum features historical and ecological exhibits of Hilton Head Island’s colorful history and lush natural beauty and varied wildlife. Museum staff can tell you about upcoming environmental lectures and beach walks. Browse through the gift shop and make reservations for one of the historic or environmental tours hosted by the Museum.

Crowds of sports lovers fill the air with cheers of admiration for the display of championship skills on the greens at the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament.

Sunny days and mild temperatures are perfect for tournaments… including fishing for deep-sea trophies. Celebrity Golf, Concours D’Elegance and the spicy Annual Chili Cookoff – all make Fall an exciting time to visit Hilton Head Island.

Hilton Head is truly a year-round destination.



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