Hunting Island’s Marsh Boardwalk

Hunting Island State Park is one of South Carolina’s most popular parks. The park’s Marsh Boardwalk offers visitors just over a half-mile of exploration along the southern end of the island. The trail leads deep into a salt marsh hummock area. This maritime forest is home to many species of wildlife. It’s also the island’s prime spot to catch a sunset.

This nice, easy nature walk is perfect for all skill levels. Parts of the trip are very accessible for wheelchairs. The trail is a mixture of boardwalk and crushed, hardened surface. Smaller trails that branch off the main trail are too narrow for wheelchairs.

Views of the river can be seen from the dock at the end of the trail. Nature talks and tours are given along this trail by park rangers. Contact the nature center for more information.

Dogs are very welcome on the trails of Hunting Island. Just make sure to keep them on a leash and pick up anything that they deposit along the trail. Don’t forget to pack water for your furry friend. Bug spray is good to have along as well.

 A river dock sits at the end of the trail. This is the perfect spot to catch the sunset. Be on the lookout for deer, fiddler crabs and all kinds of birds along the walk.

The Hunting Island Marsh Boardwalk sits just past the entrance to the state park on the right side of Highway 21. The boardwalk is a great place to view the salt marsh area surrounding the final stretch of the highway.


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