The Beaufort Arsenal Museum

Standing watch over Beaufort.
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The Beaufort Arsenal stands sentinel in downtown Beaufort. This massive brick and tabby structure was constructed over four years, from 1795-1799. Stationed in the facility, the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery was organized in April 1775 and is the fifth oldest military unit in the United States.

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The Beaufort Arsenal was the home of the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery, which traced its formation to an earlier company organized in 1776 and served in the Revolutionary War. The BVA was stationed at Fort Beauregard during the Battle of Port Royal on November 7, 1861. They were instrumental in driving the British away from Port Royal.

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The building had deteriorated substantially by 1852, when the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery Company rebuilt the complex, “on the foundation of the old Arsenal a building capable of accommodating a garrison of 250 men and a battery of six guns.”

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The 225-year-old Beaufort Arsenal has been involved in every war fought by this nation, from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War. It then became the home of the National Guard.

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The Beaufort History Museum now calls the arsenal home. A Visitors Center also shares the space. It is also used for parties, events and living history. The museum showcases over 450 years of Lowcountry history and culture. Exhibits of Native Americans, European settlers, Antebellum era and Civil War can be seen.

beaufort sc arsenal museum
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Make a visit to the Beaufort Arsenal your first stop in Beaufort. Pop into the Visitors Center and pick up information on local attractions. Visit with the friendly staff and experience the local charm. You will be glad you did.

beaufort sc arsenal museum
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