Walterboro ~ Ag & Art Tour

The Colleton County Ag & Art Tour is a free, self-guided tour of farms and markets featuring local artisans at every stop! During the tour visitors have the opportunity to see first-hand where their food comes from, watch artists in action and purchase their works, enjoy the melodies of local musicians, and learn more about rural life. The tour is the largest free farm and art tour in the nation with over 45,000 visitors participating since 2012.
Bowman Vineyard. 17114 August Highway, Round O
This is a family-owned orchard of plum, apple, peach, pear and persimmon trees. Visitors will be able to buy jams, jellies, juices and wine.
Ready-to-eat food for purchase is on site, along with restrooms on site and beverages for sale
Breland Hill Farm. 849 Spencer Drive, Ruffin
Pick your own strawberries.
Breland Hill Farm – Walterboro Stand. 1002 Bells Highway, Walterboro
Colleton Museum & Farmer’s Market. 506 E. Washington Street, Walterboro
Colleton’s only local, year-round farmers market features fruits, vegetables, livestock-eggs, commodity crops, jam, sauces, beverages, baked goods, flowers and honey.
Kid-friendly activities on site, along with restrooms on site and ready-to-eat snacks.
Dragonfly Creek. 2189 Ruffin Road, Walterboro.
We are a market-garden and homestead that features specialty crops, vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, eggs and cut flowers. Kid friendly activities on site.
Instinct Earth. 167 Deepwater Trail, Walterboro
We are a teaching farm on the banks of the Edisto River with vegetables and flowers. Kid-friendly activities on site and restrooms on site.
Keegan-Filion Farm. 1475 Keegan Drive, Walterboro
Only open on Saturday for the tour.
We raise grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured poultry. We feature livestock, eggs, dairy, jam, sauces, baked goods, etc. restrooms are on site.
S.C. Artisans Center. 318 Wichman Street, Walterboro
The work of more than 200 artisans from across the state ais on showcase. Restrooms on site.

Walterboro Wildlife Center. 100 S. Jefferies Boulevard, Walterboro