Memorial Day Edisto Beach Retreat – Memorial Day 2017

Your Memorial Day Edisto Beach Retreat is here and is the official start of summer! Where else would I rather be on a long weekend like this, than at the beach? South Carolina has a plethora of beautiful beach locations with many different offerings for whatever your heart desires. One of my favorites is Edisto Beach. I have spent a bit of time every summer of my life so far at this location, and I will continue to return until the tides of my days cease.

Why do I love Edisto? Is it simply the nostalgia of the same beach house that I long for in the cold winter months? No, it is not just these wistful memories that bring me back to Edisto in the warm times. It is mostly the simplicity and ease of the island. There are not many distractions – provigil generic. There are no loud noises – except for seagulls and doves outside your window in the morning. There is no real schedule to adhere to either. Well, that is unless it rains, and then you must simply settle for relaxing with a book while listening to the rain on the roof.

So this Memorial Day, I decided to go back to a time and place that was simpler, that is less like reality, to recall good stories, easy times and who I am, and hopefully to make some new memories along the way.