Webb Wildlife Management Area

Take a journey through unspoiled terrain at Webb WMA

Webb Wildlife Management Area lake view
The lakes at Webb WMA are perfect for fishing and canoeing.

A black water wonderland sits along the Savannah River in the heart of Hampton County. The Webb Wildlife Management Area is protected by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to protect and preserve the wildlife habitat on the historic property. This care has also created opportunities for public recreation.

Webb Wildlife Management Area entry
Follow the oak-lined drive into the WMA. Photo by Zadok Moss.

Follow the brown binocular signs 2.7 miles from Garnet to the oak tree-lined drive that leads to the wildlife center complex. The office is open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Inside you’ll find maps and a restroom. Maps can also be found at the sign-in kiosk outside if your visit falls on a weekend. Follow the Bluff Lake directional signs to find the 2.1-mile Savannah River Nature Trail and a 1.2-mile canoe trail.

Webb Wildlife Management Area alligator
Alligators can be seen sunbathing on the banks. Photo by Zadok Moss.

Webb WMA Wildlife

There are many opportunities along the way to spot local wildlife. Managed fields and openings are great places to spot white-tailed deer, fox squirrels, and turkeys. The Savannah River and its tributaries offer glimpses of alligators and turtles. Two oxbow lakes provide great opportunities for fishing and canoeing.

Webb Wildlife Management Area home of the red-cockaded woodpecker
The rare and endangered red-cockaded woodpecker can be seen at the WMA.
Photo by Karen Marts.

Webb WMA is featured in the South Carolina Nature Viewing Guide. This book showcases selected sites for nature observation in the state. The WMA also has a rookery where viewers can get glimpses of swallow-tailed kites, prothonotary warblers, painted buntings and even the extremely rare red-cockaded woodpecker.

Webb Wildlife Management Area trees marked for red-cockaded woodpecker
Trees painted with white rings mark nesting activity of red-cockaded woodpeckers.
Photo by Karen Marts.

While driving through the upland pine forest, keep an eye out for white rings painted on trees. These rings mark nest activity sites of the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker.

Webb Wildlife Management Area office
The plantation house is the home to the WMA offices and visitor information.
Photo by Zadok Moss.

The Webb Wildlife Center Office

The Webb Wildlife Center office is housed in what was once the plantation house of a long-gone race-horse training facility. The state acquired the 5,866-acre property in 1941 and set out to protect and preserve the unspoiled property. The area’s pineland forest, wildlife openings, bottomland hardwood forests, and cypress-tupelo swamps make the perfect spot for a woodland hike along the Savannah River.

Webb Wildlife Management Area pitcher plant
Pitcher plants native to the South Carolina wetlands can be seen here. Photo by Zadok Moss.

Bring your bug spray, binoculars, camera, and walking shoes. There are 40 miles of trails and roads to explore. The area is open year-round during daylight hours but will close on certain days for special hunts.

Webb Wildlife Management Area turtle
Turtles can also be spotted here. Photo by Zadok Moss.

Webb Wildlife Management Area, 1282 Webb Ave, Garnett, SC 29922 

Webb Wildlife Management Area is located in Hampton County, only 38 minutes from I-95.

For more information on other wildlife preserves and nature trails visit https://southcarolinalowcountry.com/wildlife-preserves-and-nature-trails/ .